Editing Services

I provide writing assistance and copy editing services for the following:


-College entrance essays

-Bachelor and Graduate school papers

-Personal statements

-Book editing:


  Services include:

-Three rounds of editing/proofreading for: grammar, punctuation, improved

word choice

-Will provide feedback on: plot line, story arc, manuscript as a whole, rewriting

(if necessary)

-Will assist with query letter for agents

-Will come up with a list of agencies to query based on your books genre and


-Will discuss self-publishing route


*Price per page dependent upon manuscript pages

You may contact me at any time during this process with questions or comments via phone or email. If there is anything else you would like me to cover or help with, please let me know.

We can discuss and set a deadline that you would like to set aside for completion of the project of just completion of my role in helping you.

We can meet in person if you wish to go over major edits.